Review: Cavetown – I Miss My Mum


Cavetown's latest is a footnote in the wider context of his material, but a likeable cut nonetheless.

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‘I Miss My Mum’ comes as the fifth release from Cavetown’s upcoming label debut Sleepyhead, and, between these singles, there is reason to believe that the bedroom-pop king will be bestowing us a worthy addition to his catalogue. The songwriter’s sensitive indie-pop tendencies are fine-tuned to a tee by this point, treading a good line on this approaching project between sticking to his guns and experimenting with his sound.

In this track, we hear Robin lament about homesickness. The lyricism is not as strong as other cuts under his belt, such as the wonderful ‘Feb 14,’ but functions mostly fine to complement the simplified philosophy of this song. The instrumentation is proficient and pleasant, with familiar clean guitar and snappy, tight drums (the latter of which sounds especially good here) lining the catchily written, if formulaic, verses.

The hook is clunky, with a melody that feels shoehorned (“buddy…”), but this is admittedly ameliorated by the explosive “I miss my mum” refrain which ends the single. I can’t help but feel that this track could have tapped into a more explicitly sensitive place considering its title, but as Skinner choruses emotively over its final moments, it is difficult not to feel touched.

‘I Miss My Mum’ is available to stream now, with Sleepyhead due March 27 via Sire Records.


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