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An utterly beautiful new release from Holding Absence brings some much needed post-hardcore happiness to the alt-scene. Just another perfect release by the Welshmen.

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Welsh post-hardcore emo boys Holding Absence have delivered a track so brutally anthemic and punchy that it should probably be considered as an anti-viral vaccine. Dropping at a perfect time when the outside world is very gloomy, it certainly acts as a pick-me-up, the feel of the song is somewhat upbeat even with its dark and emotional nature. The heavenly, yet brazen vocals of one Lucas Woodland take the track by the scruff of its neck and picks it up onto its feet. Beautiful notes are reached by the talented frontman whilst he manages to explore his emotion further with some controlled screams that compliment the song’s character well. The impressive instrumental talents of Scott Carey, Ash Green and James Joseph are showcased throughout, in what is one of my favourite songs released by the band.

Whilst showing some similarities to previous releases such as ‘Like a Shadow’, the song does seem to take a departure from the normal Holding Absence sound. ‘Gravity’ is hugely anthemic – perhaps now being more reminiscent of bands like Architects and Parting Gift. Less attention is paid to being down and depressive and instead takes the listener on a much more upbeat journey. Like previously mentioned, the song acts as a wonderful pick-me-up with the melancholia being slightly overtaken by this outrageously epic atmospheric post-hardcore sound that the band are known for pulling off remarkably well. Lyrics such as “Do something, I’m fading. Tie the noose and drain me like a wound” showcase the sort of theme the band touch upon, but of course deep and heartfelt lyrics are not exactly new to the Holding Absence camp. As is now normal, ‘Gravity’ is riddled with catchy hooks and lyrics that I can already see making it into the Holding Absence hall of fame. A personal favourite comes from the first line of the song “I look to you, like a moth to candlelight”. If nothing else, lyrics like these outline the sensitivities that the band can hone in on, but the heavenly vocal capabilities and immensely euphoric instrumentals prevent an overwhelming sadness from consuming the listener, instead bringing them to a feeling of comfort and happiness, making you feel less alone in this miserable world.

The beginning of the album cycle is here for the Welshmen and I am honestly lusting after even more new material from the boys. Unfortunately, like most touring bands this year, they have faced tour cancellations/postponement but I am so very excited to be able to catch this song live someday this year.

Holding Absence’s ‘Gravity’ is out now via SHARPTONE


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