Review: PVRIS – ‘Gimme a Minute’


Gimme a Minute is a vibrant and dynamic track that depicts the highs and lows of suffering with a mental health condition.

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PVRIS recently announced that due to Covid-19 their third studio album Use Me has been postponed for release from 1st May to 10th July. Though it is incredibly disappointing not to be greeted with an album, their recent release ‘Gimme a Minute’ certainly makes up for the loss.

The track opens with underwater-like electronic vibrations with Lynn Gunn’s soft voice introducing you to this sci-fi track. Then the chorus comes in with glitchy instrumentation which is similar style to that of Billie Eilish and is certainly a different to what PVRIS usually releases. Their music is transforming with the music industry whilst sticking to what fundamentally makes PVRIS so unique. Throughout the song we are slowly being introduced to a build-up which doesn’t let us down. It is funky, electric and energetic, and the vibrant guitar leads us into another universe which is perfectly depicted in the music video released for ‘Gimme a Minute’. Lynn then screams “I think I’m losing my mind” and the sound becomes just as highly energetic but slightly distorted. The best way to describe this track is as a panic attack that you are, for some reason, enjoying. The changing nature of the instrumentation and Lynn’s vocals perfectly encapsulate what its like to suffer with mental illness and showing the mood swings that come with it through music. This makes sense as the whole foundation of the song is based upon this idea and as Lynn says, “the pacing and dynamic of the song feels similar to when your mind starts to spiral on something”.

The song is beautiful masterpiece which has made me and many PVRIS impatient for Use Me to be released. Gimme a Minute perfectly captures and portrays mental illness in a way many can relate to. It not only is dynamic in the way its produced, but also is completely different to their usual sound and takes a different musical direction compared to their other singles such as ‘Dead Weight’.

Gimme a Minute is available to stream via Warner Records Inc.


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