Review: The Fratellis – ‘Strangers in the Street’


The new song from The Fratellis doesn't live up to their anthemic history

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The Fratellis, most known for classic songs ‘Chelsea Dagger’ and ‘Whistle for the Choir’ have recently released a new record ‘Strangers in the Street’. Although the Fratellis are known for the indie-rock vibe of their older music the new record is somewhat the other side of the spectrum with softer relaxed and almost symphony like sounds. That may feel boring and particularly uneventful as it seems to lack a consistent beat of any kind. 

Featuring American singer P. P Arnold, the soul and romantic genre is ever-present as the song isn’t what you would expect from a band that was once forming the indie genre back in 2006. By no means does it make the record unpleasant to listen to but could possibly throw fans who are more preferring of the older music. It’s a romantic ballad-like song that lifts spirits and instills hope that soon things will bounce back to normal and will resume to what they once were.  

The Fratellis’ ‘Strangers in the Street’ featuring P.P Arnold is out now via Cooking Vinyl


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