Review: Daði Freyr – ‘Think About Things’


Fun, funky and teeming with personality, Iceland's Eurovision song entry would have eclipsed all this year's competition with one great sweep.

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With synthy sounds and an unmistakable Eurovision charm, Daði Freyr’s ‘Think About Things’ is a summer jam that would have undoubtedly claimed the Eurovision winner title. Spawning a TikTok dance, and becoming a cultural sensation, this easier-listening boppy tune gives off all the right feels.

The song starts with Daði Freyr’s soothingly deep voice accompanied by a backing track that seems ripped straight from Netflix’s Stranger Things or just the 80s in general. It’s slow and moody and doesn’t quite hint and the fun that will ensue, but it already has a distinct sound that’s unique among current pop-hits. This changes when the first verse hits and a keytar takes centre stage with its campy contrast to the slower opening. Drums and percussion instruments quickly follow, and before you know it, Daði Freyr’s intoxicating voice is guiding you through the light-hearted lyrics dedicated to his newly-born daughter. You wouldn’t be amiss to try and find a deeper meaning to the lyrics like ‘I find it hard to see how you feel about me’ and ‘you are yet to learn how to speak’, but much of the songs fun and sense of humour is governed by how literal the lyrics are (he is, after all, singing about a baby). As the chorus starts up, it’s more of the same, with those catchy disco tunes drumming a desire to make you get up and dance, but the song’s best moment is in the lyrics ‘we are bound together, now and forever / and I will never let you go’ where anyone listening can’t help but drop a couple of octaves and sing it in Freyr’s voice. While the song varies very little in its entirety, it’s the non-serious approach and desire to use simplicity in a captivating way makes it reach the heights and successes that previous Eurovision song winners like Netta’s ‘Toy’ and, dare I saw, Abba’s ‘Waterloo’ have also reached.

‘Think About Things’ is a typical Icelandic Eurovision entry, built with a lick of fun and teeming with personality. Hailing back to the prime-time of the 80s, it has a nostalgic feel that fits perfectly with the approaching time of summer. It’s only a shame that we never got to see Daði Freyr perform it live at the song contest where he would have inevitably dominated.

Daði Freyr’s ‘Think About Things’ is out now via AWAL Recordsings Ltd.


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