Review: The Magic Gang – ‘Make Time For Change’; A Step Back From Other Releases


The Magic Gang's newest track gives positive, summer vibes but lacks the excitement of their other recent releases.

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Brighton Indie four-piece The Magic Gang, known for their exciting and upbeat sound, recently released their newest single ‘Make Time For Change’ in anticipation for their new album Death of the Party (out August 28th).

‘Make Time For Change’ flows clearly with previous releases, set to be on the album, including the mod style track ‘What Have You Got to Lose’ and the fast-paced ‘Think’. ‘Make Time For Change’ feels both care-free and meaningful at the same time, with messages of self-care running throughout as the band hint at taking some time to care for yourself, hence the title. The track feels much more instrumental than previous tracks, with an exciting layer of brass instruments blending neatly with the band’s usual indie style.

Although ‘Make Time For Change’ is a strong release for the band, it feels as though it lacks the catchy nature of what we’ve heard of the album so far, and could become lost amongst the other tracks. It doesn’t match up to the impact of lead track ‘Think’, however meaningful lyrics and a vibrant summery video accompany the song brilliantly to prove it’s worth on the upcoming album!

‘Make Time For Change’ is available to listen to now via Warner Records UK.


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