Review: Kylie Minogue – ‘Say Something’; Glittery, Euphoric Pop


Kylie's newest single is a prime example of her talent for cheesy disco-pop.

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Kylie‘s newest release from her upcoming 15th studio album DISCO is a great display of glittery, euphoric pop.

Opening with the line “we’re a million miles apart, in a thousand ways”, Kylie emphasizes the struggles of living in a socially-distanced society where we all feel like we’re a million miles apart from each other (even when in reality it’s only two metres). Unlike other recent lockdown releases that focus on our current lack of human connection, the theme of distance is looked at in a more positive light with what Kylie describes as “galactic pop”.

With classic 80’s synths, a funky bass line and guitars, and even a choir to top it all off, the track is filled with classic disco sounds to let your hair down to.

Following the recent surge of 80’s inspired pop that we have seen from the likes of Dua Lipa and The Weeknd, ‘Say Something’ fits in easily to the new wave of synth-pop that longs for the innocence of times gone by.

‘Say Something’ dreams of an optimistic future where we can “all be as one again”, and it does this to a classic Kylie beat. This is a song full of pure disco escapism, and is the cheesy pop tune we all need right now.

‘Say Something’ is out now via BMG. 



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