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Regent have delivered on a brill new track that harkens back to the days of classic Brit-Pop

  • 4/5

Call me nostalgic, but don’t you ever miss those proper brit-pop tunes of the late 90s/early 00s? Like early Arctic Monkeys vibes, Blur, even a bit of The Black Keys. Local Southampton band Regent have fulfilled that yearning for that classic sound and then some with their newest track, ‘Dirty Little Sinner.’.

I’m a sucker for a good guitar riff and steady bassline, and ‘Dirty Little Sinner.’ is no exception. As the suggestive title implies, the track is a heavy one, opening with a killer bassline that evolves to include a hefty guitar riff. The song is definitely a foot-tapper, with this heavy tune continuing throughout, providing a great backing track to frontman Ben Rooke’s deep vocals, akin to that of Alex Turner or Liam Fray of The Courteeners. The lyrics are cheeky and suggestive, with Rooke teasing the sinner in question, calling them a ‘a smarmy little grinner’ who ‘needs to learn to pick yourself up’. The song is darn catchy, and has great instrumental qualities to boot.

I’ve gotta share some love for the music video too, which was filmed in Southampton’s very own Suburbia, one of my favourite clubs and venues out there. Support a local band today, and a damn good one at that, and go give ‘Dirty Little Sinner.’ a listen.

Check out ‘Dirty Little Sinner.’, available via Believe, down below.


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