Review: Teadie777 and Tokez Ini – ‘Hendrik’


Another banging track from these young creatives.

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Teadie777 recently performed at The Edgetival and his amazing flow and lyricism caught the hearts of many through his standout performance. Weeks after the performance, Teadie777 proves just why he is an upcoming rapper to keep on your radar with the new track ‘Hendrik’ in which he joins forces with another amazing rapper who featured in Teadie777’s performance Tokez Ini.

The song is produced by Sharma, an extraordinary talent that stands out amongst all of their recent tracks with its brilliant production. The gentle piano plays over soft percussion with snippets of electronic samples which creates a chill yet soothing track to listen to once the moon comes out and you’re ready to just relax.

The flow and lyricism really stand out on this one. The track is chill and soothing, but the lyrics are nothing of the sort. The song discusses depression and violence, themes that have become prominent in this world. The bars are killer and absolute fire, for someone who has not heard much of Tokez Ini, this track has definitely made me a fan.

The song begins with “this is next level” which it truly is, for those who have never listened to either Teadie777, Tokez Ini or any of Sharma’s productions, I’d definitely recommend it!

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