Review: Kylie Minogue – ‘Magic’


Kylie has delivered yet another great disco tune, albeit a tad more lacklustre than her last single.

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Kylie Minogue continues to revive her disco era with new single ‘Magic’.

While perhaps slightly more underwhelming than previous single ‘Say Something’, ‘Magic’ still delights with pop goodness and continues Kylie’s return to the dance floor.

‘Magic’ continues the optimistic lyrical disco themes of ‘Say Something’, as Kylie describes the magical experiences that love gifts her: floating through the ceiling, with stars glowing around her, as time disappears. The lyrics certainly lack some artistic depth, but do the job of supplying feel-good pop.

Alongside cheesy love lyrics, the song features a classically ambiguous pop chorus that gives no answers – “do you believe in magic?”. The instrumentation is that of a more predictable, straightforward dance track, with its keys and horn section; but that won’t stop anyone from dancing to it, I’m sure.

The music video adds to the fun, and brings back the aesthetics of Kylie’s ‘Spinning Around’ music video. There are neon lights, dancers, and Kylie in a golden dress – what more could you want?

‘Magic’ is available to listen to now via BMG.


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