Review: BLACKPINK “Lovesick Girls”

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The third single from BLACKPINK'S album is a lovesong to the girl band's talent.

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It’s been three months since BLACKPINK fans have been presented with a single solely featuring the quartet. True, the girl band have shown their collaborative chops, with their singles featuring Selena Gomez and their appearance as a featured artist on Lady Gaga‘s Chromatica providing YouTube records and being highly praised. But with the release of The Album in early October, BLACKPINK released “Lovesick Girls” – written by members Jennie and Jisoo.

The pastels and “girlish” (as much as I dislike to use that word) appearance of the music video is combined with a small element of nostalgia. With neon lights behind their dance routine and camera angles that wouldn’t be out of place in Girls Aloud music videos on the 2000s, it’s pleasant and whimsical and an all around classic lovesong. But the main vibe I get from the music video and the single is that of Little Mix’s “Shoutout to my Ex” with an equally upbeat pop backing and even visuals towards the end of the music video that brings to mind the British girl group’s memorable drive down isolated roads in a bright convertible.

This change of tone from “How You Like That” – which opens the album, and “Lovesick Girls” which ends it – is stark, showcasing both elements behind the band’s name; how both the sweeter side is contrasted with the sour.

One thing that allows it to stick out for me, is the integration of the rapped segments in its verses. In other singles from the band, raps don’t always seem to mesh in as well with the beat or the entire piece, but here it flows beautifully. The words of that verse even make sense as to why it’s spoken as opposed to being sung like the rest of the song!

“Lovesick Girls” also marks the fifth music video from BLACKPINK to break a record for total views in its first 24 hours. With 61 million views, it surpasses the views for “Kill This Love”, although “How You Like That” still remains their highest. In the top 20 YouTube videos for views in their first 24 hours, “Lovesick Girls” is currently ranked in seventh place.

With an album releasee and a documentary coming on October 14th, the girls’ hard work and talent is shown. I warmed to the single almost instantly, listening to it for hours on end.

“Lovesick Girls” is available to listen to now via Interscope Records. The Album is out now.


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