Review: Everything Everything – ‘SUPERNORMAL’


Everything Everything's new track may lack difference, yet it uses the spatial vibes of the band's brilliant style to create a fast-paced, catchy tune.

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You can always expect something quirky with the art-rock band Everything Everything, and whilst their latest track ‘SUPERNORMAL’ lacks some of the excitement of 2020’s incredible album Re-Animator, the single offers up all the things we love about the band. From the unique blend of pace and tone to the distinctive vocals of Jonathan Higgs, ‘SUPERNORMAL’ is a catchy Everything Everything classic.

‘SUPERNORMAL’ fulfils the somewhat repetitive nature of Everything Everythings notable style, however, this works to create catchy lyrics and therefore gives us an easy listening track for the summer days that are soon to come. The track doesn’t match the quality of recent tunes such as ‘Arch Enemy’ and ‘Violent Sun’, yet for a short song, ‘SUPERNORMAL’ draws you in – especially when you check out the insanely trippy animated music video. Honestly, you’ll come away from watching it questioning everything and you won’t even be able to explain what you’ve just seen – but that’s why Everything Everything bring so much difference and individuality to the music scene.

‘SUPERNORMAL’ is available to listen to now via Infinity Industries LLP.


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