Review: AJ Tracey – ‘Little More Love’; Perfect Summertime Gangster Rap

Hip-Hop Infused

Influenced by the 90s hip-hop scene, AJ Tracey's latest track fills you with summer vibes and encourages a good time.

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British rapper and songwriter AJ Tracey, who rose to fame back in 2016 as one of the top acts to watch out for, recently released his latest album Flu Game. Prior to its release, AJ Tracey dropped a new single from the then-upcoming album, the hip-hop infused ‘Little More Love’.

The track oozes the 90s gangster rap scene but with a currency lying in its lyrics, as AJ Tracey chats of the Milly Rock dance and cultural references to the UK world of grime music. It’s a proper summer tune, bringing you straight into the slow-paced vibes of the backing track yet keeping that style AJ Tracey fans know and love. It’s arguably a bit slower than his usual tracks, and with its short track runtime, it doesn’t really give you much time to enjoy its sound before it’s over.

‘Little More Love’ has come at a perfect time, as the sun beats down and people can finally meet in groups in greenspaces and pub gardens. AJ Tracey knew what he was doing with the one.

‘Little More Love’ is available to listen to now via Revenge Records. Check out the video for the single below.


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