Review: Sigrid – ‘Mirror’


Sigrid marks the start of her comeback with her latest disco-pop track 'Mirror'.

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Norweigan popstar Sigrid has been nearly silent on the music front since the release of her 2019 debut album Sucker Punch, but now she’s back with her latest single ‘Mirror’.

Carrying on the Disco revolution from 2020 led by the likes of Dua Lipa and Kylie, Sigrid has swapped out her sneakers for dancing shoes as she points to a new direction in her sound. It has all the best qualities of the disco-pop tracks that we have seen resurfacing over the past year: swelling synths, rhytmic basslines, and impressive string sections. However, ‘Mirror’ keeps this all short and sweet, falling under the three minute mark so as not to bore listeners – it’s a smart move that makes you want to listen again and again to relive the disco bliss.

‘Mirror’ is an anthem of self-love that discusses the the experience of finding yourself by walking away from everyone else. It’s refreshing to hear from Sigrid, whose songs thus far have mostly centered on how other people have made her feel. The music video reflects this too, where Sigrid is dressed in colourful outfits that seem almost out of place in her discography and aesthetic thus far. However, perhaps ‘Mirror’ signifies the start of a comeback that is full of colour, glitter and expressive self-love.

Sigrid is telling us all to look in the mirror, away from everyone else, and learn to love what we find there.

‘Mirror’ is out now on Island Records. Watch the music video here:



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