Review: The Wombats – ‘Method to the Madness’


The Wombats latest track falls somewhat short of their popular sound but promises new horizons for the band.

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It’s been a while since Liverpool-based indie-pop band The Wombats have given us some new music, especially as it seemed that frontman Matthew Murphy had decided to focus on his solo career under the pseudonym Love Fame Tragedy a few years back.

Their latest track ‘Method to the Madness’ feels much more mellow to their classic tracks but is reminiscent of the band’s 2015 album Glitterbug. Upon first listen it feels as though the band are moving in the same direction as the ever-so-popular Glass Animals by putting a dramatic and more low-fi emphasis on their new sound. ‘Method to the Madness’ still holds the traditional build-up of The Wombats usual style, as the last part of the song pushes the track into much more impactful territory; it’s just a shame this doesn’t come sooner.

The track is relaxing to listen to, and certainly a good tune for a relaxing summer day, however, it’s missing an element of excitement and uniqueness that would help it stand out from other releases. This isn’t to say I won’t be listening to it, as it’s perfect for a summertime chill out.

‘Method to the Madness’ is available to listen to now via AWAL Recordings Ltd. Check out the official video below.


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