Review: Bimini Bon-Boulash – ‘God Save This Queen’


Bimini is loud and proud on their killer debut single.

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After getting the whole world to fall in love with them following their appearance in BBC 3’s Drag Race: UKBimini Bon-Boulash is back to bless the nation with the release of their first single, ‘God Save This Queen’.

After not having been a fan of a lot of the post Drag Race music releases, ‘God Save This Queen’ was a pleasant surpise. The brit-pop influences are clear; this song could have come straight off of Blur‘s 1994 album Parklife. Spoken-word vocal delivery, a jumpy beat with the classic twanging britpop guitar and bouncing drums, cheeky, on-the-nose lyrics (a personal favourite is ”I mean, you look like a dog’s dinner, but I’ll take you to the club”), and even a dash of improvisation a la the aforementioned ‘Parklife’ all make for a great track. The video itself definitely adds to the vibe, with Bimini being hassled by builders and random passers-by before shutting them all down and partying, complete with a true 90s style overhead lens shot. The fashion as well, as per usual, is gorgeous – just watch the video to see what I mean!

On ‘God Save This Queen’, Bimini certainly is ”updating your dictionary”, being themselves loud and proud of their gender identity, and inviting everyone else to do the same. Indeed, their discussion of their nonbinary identity with fellow Drag Race: UK contestant Ginny Lemon was perhaps one of the most poignant moments of the shows second season, with those kind of important conversations being so rare in mainstream television. ‘God Save This Queen’ is a great debut track from an already brilliant and well-established drag artist!

‘God Save This Queen’ is available to listen to now via frtyfve Records.


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