Review: Jessie J – ‘I Want Love’


Another big name bringing Disco back into the 21st century: Jessie J's newest single might possibly be her best single since her debut album.

After a hiatus from mainstream releases since 2014, Jessie J has returned with a disco banger, bringing her impeccable voice and merging it with groovy vibes in an unforgettable single.

Opening with Jessie J’s powerful voice hollering the song’s title, it’s immediately a strong start that drags you in before embellishing the stripped backed vibes of an electric guitar that feels plucked from some of Survivor‘s greatest hits. Yet in the Jessie J fashion, the song quickly layers sounds, adding a piano for extra measure that gives it a distinct disco vibe that retains a sweet melody.

However, it’s all about that chorus, as Jessie J bellows lyrics like ‘I want love, don’t try to fight me on it’ and ‘I want you and me, there’s no confusion’, all the while backed by the strong beat of a drum and restless energy that screams to have you dancing on the dance floor. Like all great disco anthems of the 70s and 80s, they were filled with an insatiable desire to have you grooving along; Jessie J brings that same energy with unmatched style. Simply said, if Jessie J’s upcoming album brings hits like this one, then the disco-fever won’t be leaving anytime soon.

As a strong start to end her hiatus, Jessie J is back and better than ever. Let’s just hope she can keep up the energy and momentum that ‘I Want Love’ is indicative of.

‘I Want Love’ is out now via Republic Records. Listen here:


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