Review: Sam Fender ‘Spit of You’

Melodic masterpiece

Yet another example of the poignant lyricism and unique musical vision of Fender.

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If you have read any of the reviews I have written for The Edge over the past few weeks, you will know that Sam Fender‘s new music has been a prominent focal point of mine. Having discovered Fender before the release of his debut album Hypersonic Missiles back in 2018, it has been enthralling to watch the Newcastle-born artist blossom into the musician he is today, armed with meaningful lyricism and mellifluous melodies.

His latest release ‘Spit of You’ can be seen to musically embody his idol Bruce Springsteen most obviously out of all his recent releases. It gives off a country-esque vibe, which is neither rock nor pop heavy – yet another example of the way he subtly creates his own genre in the current climate of music we are a witness to. I simply cannot think of another contemporary singer whom I would even dream of placing in the same sub-category.

This particular song considers the relationship boys have with their dads, focusing on the difficulty for males to express their emotions and feelings in a healthy and sustained fashion. He describes the track as a “declaration of love” for his own dad, cutely presenting his affections through song – a method of artistry that is often used to break down barriers of communication such as the ones he describes lyrically.

This is presumably his final release before the upcoming reveal of his second album Seventeen Going Under on the 8th of October – an occurrence that I simply cannot wait for after such a tremendous build-up.

‘Spit of You’ is out now via Polydor Records. Watch the video below:


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