Review: The Game, Kanye West – ‘EAZY’


The Game and Kanye West's new collaborative single is very well produced and has two intense verses.

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Kanye West‘s antics haven’t stopped in the six months since he released Donda. He has changed his name, made a fashion deal with Balenciaga, been seen almost exclusively wearing masks, lost his wife Kim Kardashian to comedian Pete Davidson, started a new relationship with actress and model Julia Fox, re-united with Drake and performed with him in an ambitious concert film streamed live in IMAX… needless to say, he’s been busy. Now, with the single being a surprise drop announced a day before it came out promoted with a cover so horrifying it won’t be included here (see Frederick Wiseman’s Primate documentary for details).

At this time, it is unknown what ‘EAZY’ is meant for – is it a single to promote the rumoured upcoming DONDA 2, is it for a new The Game record? Nobody knows for sure, but the track is very strong regardless.

With fantastic sampling, a shifty abstract instrumental and record scratches, Hit-Boy’s production gives a moody backdrop to a great, personal verse from The Game about his personal failings and a topical West verse that talks about his most recent scandals and maintains his decade long focus on the struggles he hides behind ego. The Game, sounding much like Nas, discusses anxiety and gang violence in a verse bookended by a fantastic Michel’le sample from Eazy-E’s ‘Eazy Duz It’. Meanwhile, West speaks on his divorce and on his starting to shift away from Christianity again (‘God Ye, wanna let God in?/But tonight, I guess I’ll let my pride win’), channelling an anger that hasn’t been seen from him in quite some time.

‘EAZY’ is now on streaming services, via 100 Entertainment. Listen on Spotify below: 


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