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From Rock to Pop - a multidimensional song with a real feel-good factor.

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In anticipation of their new album Life Is Yours, Foals have released their latest single ‘2am’, switching up the band’s usual dynamic of indie genre for a more pop-friendly disposition.

On first impressions, the very start of Foal’s new single reminds me of the music lessons that would be led in high school, whereby students filled the music room with the sound of random keys on the keyboard being pressed in a bid to create a tune that remotely makes sense – no barking noises or clapping hands I am afraid, though. Once paired with a stronger instrumental backing, however, ‘2am’ becomes incredibly catchy and resourceful in its bid to capture the sounds of several different genres in a mere three-minute recording.

Telling the tale of a self-destructive soul lost, reliving past mistakes in the early hours of the morning – weirdly relatable if you ask me – the song’s vocals remind me of a mixture between that of Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons and ‘Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz – full of enriching low-based tones and punchy in disposition, which makes for the perfect electro-indie feel-good anthem.

I feel that this song could perfectly appeal to an array of music fans, regardless of the views taken towards typical indie songs. The song really does go above and beyond to achieve this, and offers something never before felt in any indie music I have listened to. It moves away from the sound typically associated with the Oxford-born band, resembling the pop genre more closely, when compared to the likes of ‘The Runner’ or ‘Mountain at My Gates’, which both strongly embody expected rock foundations, with the accompanying of quieter influences of other styles of music.

Overall, I think ‘2am’ is a great single, which is perfect for a much-needed lift in mood, or the simple desire to feel and move more bad-ass when roaming down the local high street to embark on the weekly shop – I am very much excited to discover more of the musical secrets that Foals’ newest album is set to uncover.

‘2am’ is out now via Warner Music UK. Watch the music video here:


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