Joshua Bassett – ‘would you love me now?’ single review: a classic heartbreak song told through meaningful lyrics

I would love you now

I think despite complexities around its release and being slightly difficult to pick apart from the EP, it is a brilliant standalone piece

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Disney star Joshua Bassett quickly follows up EP Sad Songs In A Hotel Room with the first of many regular singles would you love me now? as his constant stream of 2022 releases continues.

Initially teased on TikTok with a snippet of the first two lines captioned “wylmn?”,  Josh very casually teased this single only a week after Smoke Slow came out – a song he released after a few months off. It was also in a period of time he was casually dropping a few different unreleased demos written at the end of this summer, to put out as much content for fans to make them as excited as he was. However, within two weeks of his largest body of work, the aforementioned EP, coming out – this was released. This marks the start of a steady stream of singles leading hopefully to his debut album, as he just announced the next single due October 13th.

Understanding that this release was just to garner excitement for future projects has been quite important to how I feel about it because truthfully the song is difficult to pick apart from the EP, both sonically and also in the sense that it hasn’t been long since it was released.

Of the singles that Josh has teased on TikTok, this is one of two favourites. I think it just follows a very interesting melodic pattern and even though it’s not upbeat or catchy in that sense, it has been stuck in my head since it came out. The verses are very short, which means a lot of repeating chorus and pre-chorus melodies, so it’s kind of constantly changing flow and tempo. Despite, this Josh manages to pack a lot of meaning into everything he sings, truly telling this story in his classic way – explicit imagery, and simple but meaningful language and you can really feel the heartbreak and yearning for this past relationship that he feels.

I think with the trajectory of these releases and also with the way that his career has progressed and recovered since the drama, this is the beginning of some great stuff for him, and it’s so exciting to be along for the journey. As I write this, I should be on my way to see him in concert, but it was unfortunately postponed, and so when that does happen I’m sure I’ll be able to reaffirm what I just said.

would you love me now? is out now via Warner Records, check it out below!



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