– Article length: 500-1000 words

General features:

  • General features are extended pieces of writing which cover any topics relating to entertainment and the arts, and which offer some original opinion or content. Research into the topic is essential to provide a critical and professional tone. Use a title which engages with the readers, such as a rhetorical question.
  • Title format: Crowdfunding – The new direction for independent film?
  • Featured image: This should be a general image relating to the focus of the article.


  • Interviews should be sufficiently prepared for in advance by researching the interviewee. Refer to social networks for up to date news, and also consider what they have done in the past few months. Consider the popularity of the interviewee and cater the questions to what the readers will want to know. When writing it up, begin with a paragraph putting the interview in context. The main text of the interview should all be italicised, with the questions in bold. A short, key quote should be put into the interview title.
  • Title format: ‘Everything’s got too big for us already’: An interview with Matty from The 1975 (18/05/2013)
  • NB: Interviews should end with additional information about the interviewee.
  • e.g. The 1975’s self-titled album is due out on September 9th, and is preceded by the band’s 4th EP, IV, which was released last Monday.
  • Featured image: This should be a recent photo or press shot of the interviewee.