Hello, and welcome to The Edge’s style guide. Well done on getting this far! The Edge is an entertainment magazine, published seven times annually, which also operates online through the website which is updated daily.

The tabs below will let you know what the editorial committee expect of the content which you are writing, and how it should be formatted. Alongside this guide, reading other articles on the website and in the magazine, and on other entertainment news websites will help to develop your own writing style.

There are individual guides for each section (Culture, Features, Film, Live, News, Records), along with basic guidelines which apply to all articles, and other miscellaneous information is provided in the additional guidelines section.

If you are a new writer, don’t worry! Writing your first article is always the hardest and we are here to support you through it. If you follow the guides provided, and know what you want the article to be about, then you won’t go too wrong. A guide on how to submit your article to the editorial committee is available here.

For more information or help, please contact the relevant editors.