– Article length:

  • Previews: 200-300 words
  • Live reviews: 400-800 words
  • Festival reviews: 700-1000 words

Live previews: 

  • Live previews should include a short biography of the band, and details about recent releases and what to expect. Mention any support bands and other tour dates. Embed a recent video from YouTube. Note, when categorising the article, gigs at the Guildhall should not come under the category ‘Local’, but smaller gigs within Southampton (The Joiners, Talking Heads, The Cellar) should.
  • Title format: Preview: Dutch Uncles at The Joiners (24/05/2013)
  • NB: Live previews should end with information on buying tickets in italics. e.g. Tickets can be purchased online for £8.50 by clicking here. (Insert hyperlink to ticket-purchasing website
  • Featured image: This should be a tour poster or recent press shot.

Live reviews:

  • Live reviews should detail a short bio of the band, and a mention of support bands. In the body of the review, mention songs but do not list the set list. Evaluate the atmosphere, venue, band interaction, sound and quality of performance. Identify key moments of the performance and hyperlink to Edge reviews of tracks or albums which are mentioned in the review.
  • Title format: Band of Skulls at The Joiners (01/08/2013)
  • Featured image: This should be a photo from the performance, or a recent press shot.

Festival reviews:

  • Festival reviews should not attempt to cover every performance and aspect of the festival, but should identify highlights and describe the general festival atmosphere. Remain as clear and concise as possible but there is scope for description and imaginative and interesting writing styles. These reviews can be done as day-by-day accounts picking out musical highlights if necessary.
  • Title format: Review: Glastonbury Festival 2013
  • Title format: Review: The Great Escape 2013 – Friday
  • Featured image: This should be the official festival logo. Other photographs can be inserted throughout the article.