SUSU scraps Pulse club night


The Students’ Union have scrapped the club night Pulse, just four weeks after it launched.

The club night – which took place every Friday – was popular during freshers’ week, but has since dwindled in popularity.

Discussing the changes made to Friday nights at The Cube with Union President David Gilani on the opening night, he said for students to expect cheaper drinks, better music, and a smaller capacity to avoid lengthy queues.

Commenting on the decision to cancel the night, David Gilani said: “Our students have voted with their feet and said quite clearly that they do not want a regular Friday night at the Union. Ultimately we are here to respond to and serve student demand and so we must be versatile and react. The decision to stop the regular club nights opens so many opportunities in terms of using the space (for student groups and their activities) and our time + effort.”

Pulse was created using student feedback from a survey at the beginning of 2013, which had over 760 responses and which led to several discussions with groups of students about what they wanted in a club night.

This is not the first unsuccessful club night in The Cube, with a streak of other failed attempts including Friday Night at The Cube, Glamourpuss, Boogaloo, and Twisted over the last few years.


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