Edge Alumni: Committees of the Past

The Edge has been an independent publication at The University of Southampton since 2011. Below are the names of all previous committee members, who have each contributed to our brand enormously during their time here.


Editor: Callum Joynes
Deputy Editor: Rhianna Saglani
Records Editor: Laura Ellison
Film Editor: Grace Eshel
Film Editor: Frankie Lochhead
Culture Editor: Jasmine Kelly
Culture Editor: Holly Allwright
Live Editor: Rhianna Saglani
News Editor: Rosie Spurrier
Culture/Film PR: Calum Hawkins
Publicity Officer: Beth Gorman
Head of Design: Megan Eynon-Daly


Editor: Amy Scott-Munden
Deputy Editor: Sam Pegg
Records Editor: Callum Joynes
Records Editor: Mollie Potter
Film Editor: Ashish Dwivedi
Film Editor: Laura Carpenter 
Culture Editor: Susanna Robertson-Sheath
Culture Editor: Emily Poole
Live Editor: Rhianna Saglani
News Editor: Rosie Spurrier
Fundraising, Events, and Publicity Officer: Ellie Griffiths
Fundraising, Events, and Publicity Officer: Charlie Burgess
Culture/Film PR: Sam Pegg
Live/Records PR: Grace Delve
Online Manager: Byron Lewis
Head of Design: Jiahao Lee


Editor: Sam Pegg
Deputy Editor: Harry Geeves
Records Editor: Connie Seamer
Film Editor: Jacob Hando
Classic Culture Editor: Daisy Gazzard
Live Editor: Martha Luke
Fundraising, Events, and Publicity Officer: Amy Scott-Munden
Fundraising, Events, and Publicity Officer: Grace Delve
Culture/Film PR: Emily Dennis
Live/Records PR: Meg Gwilym
Records/Live Executive: Kiera Gormley
News Editor: Amrit Manku
News/Culture Executive: Oliver Picken
Online Manager: Callum Nelmes
Head of Design: Rahul Sonegra


This year saw The Edge launch award winning festival, The Edgetival, as well as the production of merchandise and the introduction of dark mode to the website. They received three national short listings at SPANC for Best Digital Media, Best Website, and Morgan McMillan’s nomination for the Billy Dowling-Reid award. At the SUSU Volunteering awards, The Edgetival won Best Event, and our editor was shortlisted for Society Committee Member of the Year. The Edge also successfully raised £1000 for Mind in a 12 hour Gaming Marathon with Mindsoc. The Fundraiser received the SUSU award for Best Collaboration and was the RAG winner of Innovative Online Fundraiser. The Edge also achieved more digital reach through a weekly video News Round-up by Sam Pegg and the launch of The Edge Roundtable podcast. The Edge also put on The Edge Day of Journo Experience and introduced the mini-mags.

Editor: Morgan McMillan
Deputy Editor: Maddie Lock
News Editor: Sam Pegg
Records Editor: Alice Fortt
Digital Culture Editor: Harry Geeves
Classic Culture Editor: Olivia Dellar
Live Editor: Jo Lisney
Film Editor: Theo Smith
Film Sub-Editor: Lucy Maggs
Records/Live PR: Kiera Gormley
Culture/Film PR: Becky Davies
Fundraising, Events, and Publicity Officer: Georgie Holmes
Records/Live Executive: Katie Evans
Head of Design: Rebecca Ormsby
Online Manager: Menno Kramer


This year saw The Edge produce eight magazines, including a collaboration with Wessex Scene and two special issues. They received three national nominations at SPANC, for Best Design, Best Specialist Publication and Best Entertainment Piece (Louise Chase). This year saw the planning and organisation of The Edgetival, a one day music festival, to take place in May which sadly had to be postponed. The Edge began a Twitch account that successfully hosted the 24hr Gaming Marathon, which raised £500 for Yellow Door. At the Media Ball Awards, The Edge won Best Department, Best Behind-the-Scenes Contribution (Maddie Lock), and had many articles win or achieve highly commended.



This year saw The Edge revamp, with a print redesign, an updated logo, and an app in the midst of development. Their improvements were rewarded, as they won Best Department for the first time ever at the University’s Media Ball. The third consecutive Film Festival gained the title of Best Event. Annual SPA Conferences saw more recognition for the magazine than ever before; alongside being shortlisted for Best Entertainment Piece, Best Design, and Best Specialist Publication, their collaborative Mental Health Issue with Wessex Scene was recognised as the Best Collaboration in the South West. Committee members have since gone on to employment at the BBC, Brands2Life, and Norwich City FC.


During this academic year, The Edge hit 10,000 published articles, held the first Edgetival event at The Talking Heads and sent writers to press conferences with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Michael Fassbender, Denzel Washington and Craig David. Committee members have gone on to work at the National Student, Platform LDN and WhatCulture.


During this academic year, The Edge hit one million website views, started the award-winning Student Film Festival alongside Wessex Films and managed to get one of our five star reviews emblazoned on the film’s nationwide DVD/Blu-ray cover. Committee Members have since gone on to work at establishments such as Harper Collins and Access Emanate.


During this academic year, the website received a brand new look, our print magazine was expanded and we were able to get interviews with the likes of Anna Kendrick, Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander. The position of Head of Events was also created in this year. Committee Members have since gone on to work at establishments such as Faust PR, Experience Oxfordshire and Succeed Consultancy.

  • Editor: Rebecca James
  • Deputy Editor: Caitlin Hobbs
  • News Editor: Lewis Taplin
  • Features Editor: Sian Blewitt
  • Film Editor: Virginie Robe
  • Culture Editor: Natalie Fordham
  • Records Editor: Hannah Mylrea
  • Live Editor: Annabelle Asker
  • Head of Publicity: Henna Patel
  • Head of Design: Joe Buckingham
  • Head of Relations: Jenny Simpson
  • Head of Events: Alex Meehan
  • Online Manager: Emily Mitchell
  • VP DCI and Editor-in-Chief: Megan Downing
  • Executives: Ben Robins (Film) and Joe Gibson (Gaming)


During this academic year, The Edge underwent a rebrand of the print magazine, which won Best Design at the SPA awards. The position of News Editor was also created in this year and our press contacts were expanded upon enormously, leading us to interview such stars as Bastille, Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Hemsworth. Committee Members have since gone on to work at media establishments such as MTV and The Sun‘s Showbiz section.

  • Editor: Megan Downing
  • Deputy Editor: Howell Davies
  • News Editor: Hannah Mylrea
  • Features Editor: Catherine Olley
  • Film Editor: Barnaby Walter
  • Culture Editor: Rebecca James
  • Records Editor: Jan Kobal
  • Live Editor: Grace Pattle
  • Head of Publicity: Bronwyn Scotland
  • Head of Design: Claire Joines
  • Head of Relations: Kirstie Carter
  • Online Manager: Matthew Higgins
  • VP DCI and Editor-in-Chief: David Martin


During this academic year, the committee was restructured, the print magazine was introduced and the sections of the website were given further development, some of which are still evident today. Committee Members have since gone on to work at establishments such as Sky, Waterstones, Investment Weeks and the Go Ahead group.

  • Editor: David Martin
  • Deputy Editor: George Doel
  • Features Editor: Andrew Ovenden
  • Film Editor: Barnaby Walter
  • Culture Editor: Cally Beckley
  • Records Editor: Howell Davies
  • Live Editor: Megan Downing
  • Head of Publicity: Corrinne Gurr
  • Head of Design: Matthew Timmiss
  • Head of Relations: Dan Flynn
  • Head of Online and News: Tasha Onwuemezi
  • VP Communications and Editor-in-Chief: David Gilani


2011/12 marked The Edge‘s first year of independence. In this year, The Edge detached from its sister publication, the Wessex Scene, and created its own individual brand and website. Committee Members have since gone on to work at Amazon and Den of Geek.

  • Editor: Joe Hawkes
  • Deputy Editor: Meowea Hezwani
  • Features Editor: David Martin
  • Film Editor: Barnaby Walter
  • Culture Editor: Nick Mould
  • Records Editor: Melissa Clarke
  • Live Editor: Chris Brooks
  • Head of Relations: Rob Leane
  • Online Editor: Andre Pusey
  • VP Communications and Editor-in-Chief: Joe Mclo