Songs Seldom Played Live: Harry Styles – Sweet Creature (2017)


No doubt one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard is ‘Sweet Creature’. It’s my ‘listen to feel calm’ song, my ‘let’s chill as we get on with tasks’ song and my ‘oh my goodness, doesn’t he have a beautiful voice?’ song. The music is fairly light with an intricate chord progression, highlighting the raw tones of Harry Styles, especially in the final chorus where he channels his emotions into each drawn-out lyric. After leaving One Direction, this was his first solo album and an opportunity to display his soft rock range. 

The lyrics “Sweet creature, sweet creature. Wherever I go, you will bring me home”, and give an insight into the vibe. From my understanding, it’s about two people who are facing conflict and an all-encompassing love for each other. With the point of view that he’s singing to the person that gives him a sense of home. The key word is person as Harry never uses pronouns anywhere in the lyrics. This allows anyone listening to relate the lyrics to someone they love regardless of gender or relationship. You could be singing about a past love, a current love, a friend, or a sibling. There’s not necessarily any romance but conflict and comfort which occurs in.…well.…every kind of relationship ever!

Fans who were lucky enough to see Love On Tour at Wembley Stadium in 2023 were treated to a rare performance of ‘Sweet Creature’ which was stripped back to guitars and Harry’s backing singers joining him for a lullaby-like rendition. It’s a goal of mine to hear this song performed live, until then I’m settling for headphones during the week of hand-in!


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