Breaking Bad – the Beginning of the End


*Possible Spoiler Alert! Do not read ahead if you have not watched season 5*

Since the mid season finale of the fifth season of Breaking Bad, fans have eagerly anticipated the second half of the hit US show which will conclude the story of Walter White, ex-chemistry teacher gone bad. With one of the most unforgettable bombshells in recent television history, as DEA agent Hank finally realises that his own brother in law, Mr White aka Heisenberg, has been responsible for the influx of blue crystal meth into his jurisdiction.

The first half of the new season does not relent on the fast pace that has built over the course of the show’s run. The first episode successfully sets up the tone which the final series apears set to follow, with Hank confronting Walt with his new discovery. There is certainly no love lost between the two, with Hank hell-bent on bringing Walt down to finally end the pain and suffering he has caused to those around him. Walt may have given up the meth empire he worked so hard to establish but his ruthless nature remains. His lies, both past and present, now begin to unravel, which have huge consequences for him.

The second episode has the feel of a holding episode, with everyone dealing with the fallout from the events of the first. However, this would not be Breaking Bad without something unexpected happening. Todd and Lydia make their return in a scene showing that the meth business that Walt had built up is still on-going, albeit without the assistance of the mastermind himself.

The third episode is the best of the new bunch however, with so much happening you are left to wonder how the writers managed to cram everything in. Seeing that Hank will not stop until he is brought down, Walter creates a DVD devising a scenario implicating Hank therefore seemingly forcing him to end his pursuit of justice. In terms of the most vindictive and appalling acts committed by Walt, this definitely ranks up there. It seems that Walt will do anything to protect his self-interest. Jesse’s limited involvement in the first two episodes is upped in this one, with Walt realising that Jesse’s increasingly erratic behaviour could end up jeopardising his safety. This prompts ‘suggestions’ that Jesse leave town and assume a new identity, with deadly consequences foreshadowing if he doesn’t obey.

It is difficult to review the fourth episode without spoiling it for those that have not yet seen it. Therefore to do it justice, I advise to just watch it and enjoy some of the best television in years. Breaking Bad is the equivalent of a roller-coaster; one hell of a ride and one which you don’t want to stop. Television will be much worse off once it is finished.


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