The Jonas Brothers head to the UK on their biggest tour yet!


Jonas Brothers. 5 Albums. One Night. The World Tour.

Jonas Brothers announce their most ambitious tour yet as they head across the US, Europe and Australia. Mark your calendars for June 2024 when Nick, Joe and Kevin will reach the UK and play not one, not two but all 5 albums from their discography! Yes, you will be swaying to Love Bug on the same night that you’ll sing your heart out to Little Bird and breaking out the OG dance moves to That’s just the way we roll. We’re very much expecting Nick to notice our ReD DResS and for Joe to sing I Gotta Find You straight into our soul. We’ll also be expecting some guitar solos from Kev and for the boys to surprise us with their good old talent for putting on a show!

Kicking off with New York last August, they’ve made their way through America before reaching Australia this March and Europe in May, landing in the UK on June 12th 2024. This will be the first time in the bands 18 year history that they tour Australia and spread the joy that is to witness a Jonas Brothers concert in the flesh.  

In the meantime we’ll be rehearsing all five albums with a comb microphone in front of the mirror. Bring on June 2024!


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