Review: The Originals (Series One: Episode One)


CW’s new spin-off show of The Vampire Diaries was aired in the UK on Sky’s Syfy on the 22nd October. Although it seemed logical for the CW to spinoff their highest-rated show, its potential for drawing in new fans is unfortunately slim. Not having ever watched The Vampire Diaries , it was somewhat difficult to follow the plot line, it certainly seemed to demand a lot of background knowledge for a new show.

This new series is set to tell the story of the three original vampires; Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillis), and Rebekah (Claire Holt) – characters who have previously appeared in The Vampire Diaries, and whom are given little introduction to newcomers. The first episode ‘Always and Forever’ focuses on the two male vampires; the bitter power-hungry rebel, and the responsible older brother.

Having returned to his former residence in New Orleans in search of a witch who is causing him trouble, Klaus instead finds former protégé, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), to be lording over his city. Thus Klaus, the jealous vampire-werewolf hybrid, vows to overthrow him and regain his status. Luckily for him, Klaus soon discovers that the witches are also plotting to rid the city of its newfound leader, and have kidnapped Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), a werewolf carrying Klaus’s child, in order to ensure his co-operation with their plans. Klaus however, doesn’t take kindly to be blackmailed by the witches and it takes much persuading from wiser older brother Elijah to convince him that a new addition to their sacred family line is worth protecting. The episode ends on a cliff-hanger; the pregnant werewolf commits an illegal act of magic under Marcel’s leadership, leaving her at the mercy of the ruthless dictator.

So all in all, an awful lot to take in from a pilot! CW’s attempt to include as much back story as possible boarded on coming across too unfeasible to be taken seriously. The question now is does this chock-a-block plot lead somewhere meaningful? So far we have a complex mash up of Twilight, The Secret Circle and Supernatural; with its vast selection of mythological creatures all precariously inhabiting the same area, and the heart-wrenching tale of the two brothers in search of a renewed family bond. With any luck CW have something new to pull out of the bag…


The Originals is broadcast on Syfy Tuesdays at 10pm. Those with Sky subscriptions can catch-up via Sky On Demand.


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