NCIS set to have another spin off show


Yet another show is set to spin off from the hit crime procedural show, NCIS.

The show, named NCIS: New Orleans, is set to star Scott Bakula as the central character, Special Agent Pride, who is best known for his roles in Quantum Leap, and Star Trek: Enterprise. The show will also star CCH Pounder who will play the medical examiner (formerly seen in The Shield) and Zoe McLellan who will play new recruit Special Agent Brody. A final role, Agent LaSalle, is yet to be cast.

This is the third show set to emerge from the hit CBS show, after the previous spin offs have had mixed results. NCIS: LA premiered in 2009, and is currently airing its fifth season, having been very successful and includes crossover episodes with both the main show, NCIS, and also Hawaii 5-0. However, last year NCIS: Red failed to get green lit during pilot season.

NCIS is a ripe ground for spin offs, as like CSI, it has a strong built in fan base. Since its seventh season aired it has been the highest rated scripted show in the USA, and in its tenth season it became the highest viewed show in America, surpassing both American Idol and NBC’s Sunday Night Football. It’s season ten episode ‘Shiva’ attracted 22.86 million viewers in the US.

The series will be introduced in the traditional backdoor way – in a two part episode in the main show which is currently broadcasting its eleventh season.


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