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It’s back and it’s possibly more exciting than ever. How I Met Your Mother has not only now revealed the identity of our beloved Ted’s future wife, Christin Milioti, but she has dialogue! She’s become a fulltime character! But before I get ahead of myself let me recap;

Last series we saw Barney and Robin prepare to get married, Ted admit to himself that he still loves Robin (poignantly shown with Robin and Ted searching for a locket in the rain), Lily accept her dream job and her and Marshall and little Marvin prepare to move away to Italy. However, we also witnessed Marshall accept a position as a judge in New York! *gasp*and finally Ted admits he’s selling the house he built in Westchester for his future family and moving to Chicago.

Caught up now?

Now back at season 9, the final season, the first episode entitled ‘The Locket’ follows all the main characters (including new addition Christin Milioti). During this Barney and Robin find out that they possibly could be related through the concept of who could be their ‘wildcard’ at the wedding. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ‘wildcard’ it’s basically the person or persons who could possibly cause a scene or ruin the wedding. Of course wanting to hide this possible horror they then realise the ever amazing Ranjit knows as well and so through true fashion they telepathically communicate in true couple style that he must be ended! NO! *screams into pillow*

Som' Bitches cookies

Som’ Bitches cookies

Meanwhile Ted and Lily start to embark on a road trip to Farhampton where the wedding will be held before Lily eventually goes crazy with boredom and insists upon taking the train. Upon this Lily then meets and interacts with Ted’s future wife who still remains unnamed being only referred to as ‘the mother’ or ‘your mother’ by the future Ted narrator. At which point possibly the highlight of this journey includes awesome sounding cookies made by ‘the mother’ that have chocolate, peanut butter and caramel (oh my!) entitles som’ bitches. We want some! Although the wrestling between Lily and ‘the mother’ becomes a close second for hilarity in this part of the story.

Throughout this Marshall who is now returning with his adorable son Marvin from Minnesota finds that his mother has uploaded a picture to Facebook showing her pride that her son is to be judge, but wait! Marhsall hasn’t told Lily yet! Of course we’ve all had this moment happen to us when a friend uploads an image we don’t want the world to see but we think this one somewhat tops the list of cringey-ness.

Is it a Locket?

Is it a Locket?

I do believe it’s appropriate to say that I am thrilled Jason Segal decided to return for the 9th series. It just wouldn’t be the same without the loveable giant.

But the underlying issue of the episode is of course in the title. The locket. Throughout Lily’s train journey she realises that ted may have somehow got the locket back off his runaway bride (Stella played by Scrubs Sarah Chalke) And begins to panic that she won’t beat him in time to the wedding and he’ll declare himself with the locket and ruin the wedding.

Though Lily doesn’t beat Ted to the wedding she does tackle him to the ground when he tried to present Robin with a gift. It turns out to be a frame of them all eight years ago, (because that’s how many years have passed…apparently!). Robin and Barney have already by this point found out they are not actually related through a crazy Canadian as he’s adopted! Hooray! And Barney delivers possibly one of his most romantic lines.

Barney delivers a legendary line.

Barney delivers a legendary line.

Meanwhile after being shouted at horrendously by an airport filled with people while Marshall struggles on Facebook to delete the picture his mother uploaded Marvin ultimately saves the day by slamming on the laptop rather cutely. Aww indeed.

With some top performances by Christin Milioti and Sherri Shepherd as the annoyed woman in the airport the episode carries off the idea of the series falling on from each other directly flawlessly. Though I’ve already discussed some highlights another is of a flashback to Barney’s brother performing “Islands in the stream” a-la Victor-Victoria. It truly is even better than the version by Nessa and Bryn from Gavin and Stacey. And I didn’t think that was possible.

Ultimately though the episode in true How I Met Your Mother fashion ends with a cliff hanger, as we then see a flashback. Ted has in fact gone to L.A. previously in order to find the locket for Robin. Cue shock. Overall the episode is satisfying, not too shocking and fits the story we’ve been sucked into over the previous 8 series. Though with ‘the mother’ now firmly introduced we are now desperate for more. And so the first episode is success and not just because it included a cheeky reference to Game of Thrones. Though the comparison of Geoffrey and Barney is suddenly now uncanny to me! And I personally cannot wait for the big meet of Ted and his future wife. Finally!


How I Met Your Mother airs on E4 on Thursdays at 8.30 pm.


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