Release date of Driveclub coming soon


In what can only be news treated with a pinch of salt, the official Facebook page of the long awaited PS4 exclusive driving simulator Driveclub has announced that an official release date for the game should be expected in the ‘weeks to come’.

The trend of announcing dates for release dates has been becoming ever more popular recently. However, the developers of Driveclub seem to be taking things to the next level, and are therefore potentially teasing a date for the date of the release date announcement. This was not the only news shared however; we are also to expect ‘full game details and new videos’ in the weeks to come. Presumably as the game has been delayed continuously since the release of the PS4, these details and videos will showcase new features and additions to the game that were previously unannounced.

Ironically, the statement is somewhat similar to a statement made by Sony back at the end of March which also teased a release date in the coming weeks. The question on everybodys lips due to the lengthy delay is will the game ever release? Moreover, as the delays roll on, will anybody continue to care?


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