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Well it’s the first week of August, and you know what that means! Yes! Patriotism, food, and the elderly!

First up is the Great British Menu, airing this Monday at 7:30pm on BBC Two, where top chefs battle against each other (sadly only through the medium of food) in various heats. The series will air every weeknight, with each episode showing a separate heat. The theme for this year’s contest is the centenary of the WI, an event that the winners will cater for.

While you may not recognize it, New Tricks is back this Tuesday. With all but one of the original cast now replaced, it looks to be the final series of the long running BBC police drama, ending in its twelfth season. The show follows a department of long-in-the-tooth detectives that research previously unsolved cases and, shockingly, finally solve them. The show will air at 9pm on BBC1.

The Great British Bake-off returns for its sixth years on Wedsesday at 8pm on BBC One. Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, Sue and Mel, cooking conundrums, baking botches, icing incidents, proving problems, it’s all here. The perfect watch if you have to think of something to talk about with extended family, or those people that talk to you on the bus.

Words by Jack Gracie.

Finally friday sees the return of Mastermind, the gameshow in which people profess to be experts on a topic, only to quickly have their claim disproven. Friday’s episode sees the start of the competiton, with specialised subjects ranging from Marvel Comics, Shakespeare’s comedies, singer-songwriter John Martyn, and Pu Yi, the last emperor of China. Mastermind’s first heat begins airing on 7th August at 8pm on BBC2. No trailer available so yeah… round up done. That was anticlimatic.

Words by Harrison Abbott.


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