Preview: Theatre Group presents: Waiting for Godot


To attempt an amateur production of Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece, Waiting for Godot, takes balls of solid rock! A faultless theatrical thesis on the unfathomable workings of time and memory, immortalised in 2009 by Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart, to bring something fresh and interesting to proceedings is a hard task, made all the more daunting by the strict production rules enforced by Beckett’s estate. It requires a savvy director and an impeccable cast.

Thankfully, Theatre Group’s first production of the year has both of these bases covered, with keen-eyed director Felicia de Angeli helming an impeccable cast of Theatre Group veterans, many of whom cut their teeth last year with various leading roles in some of Shakespeare’s finest plays. As a keen Theatre Grouper myself, I can attest to the vast silos of talent available to these young actors, and am ridiculously keen to see what they make of my personal favourite play in the history of anything ever… so no pressure!

Playing in Building 28/1021, at 7:30 from the 13th to 15th of October, this is not one to miss! Tickets available here.


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