The Edge’s Podcast Picks: March 2021


Last month (horrifyingly) featured the anniversary of the UK’s first national lockdown. Predictably and justifiably, much entertainment was again consumed as we all waited for restrictions to be lifted. Among these were, of course, podcasts; Edge writers have collected their regulars from March below.

Think: Sustainability

Think: Sustainability is a podcast dedicated to all things sustainability, finding positive ways that we can reduce our waste in all forms – environmental, carbon, food, clothing, and so on. The show currently has 4 series, totalling 140 episodes, so if you get hooked you won’t run out any time soon. Series 1, which I’m currently on, is hosted by Ellen Leabeater and Jake Morcom. What’s lovely about this podcast is that it’s both educational and fun, with various jokes bouncing between the hosts, and music or sound clips to cut up segments. Episodes are also just under 30 minutes, which means you can squeeze them in while you get ready or walk to work/uni. So far I’ve heard about worm farms, unethical clothing factories, nappies, coral ecosystems, the most sustainable pet (worms), and antibiotic resistance to name just a few! Each episode covers either one in-depth, or two to three smaller sustainable topics, which is why it’ll always keep you coming back for more.

– Maddie Lock

The Bun and Cardigan Show

The Bun and Cardigan Show is labelled a Detroit Pistons podcast; however, it is so much more than that. It is hosted by Detroit beat writer James Edwards III and the champion of Pistons Twitter, Nicolas Henkel. They are both educated on Detroit basketball history and always give you the latest news and notes around the team. But that’s not what makes this a fantastic podcast, as we hear amazing stories about how to break into the journalism world, nostalgic stories of growing up in Michigan and supporting sports franchises that haven’t been good in a *long* time. We also get an insight into the mind of Henkel, who is currently a rising star making his ESPN television debut recently as being the guy who showered himself in beer after Pistons beat the Brooklyn Nets. Edwards III also gives you insight into how the front office works in the NBA and usually ends up talking about his once favourite team, the LA Clippers. This podcast isn’t for everyone, but it is just a great laugh listening to 2 friends who have a very father-and-son dynamic discuss basketball, life and even their musical recommendations.

– Morgan McMillan


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