‘Are you from Southampton? Craig David is from Southampton!’ An interview with Superfood


I met up with excitable Birmingham band Superfood prior to their set at Southsea Fest.

You’ve been to Southsea before – I saw you supporting Peace.

Dom: It was good! What did we do after that… we went to get a kebab, a salad and a pitta from Ken’s Kebab House.

There’s enough kebab places round here!

Ryan: We chatted to a homeless guy.

Dom: Then we went back to our bed and breakfast, had a sleep and went to the next gig.

Rock and roll.

Dom: It is rock and roll.

Ryan: We slept at a hostel, and on one of the bunk beds, someone has scribed into it ‘pain’ in capital letters. Weirdest graffiti.

Emily: When we pulled over there was a dog outside of the first floor window looking out really proudly.

Dom: He was like “hello chaps, come in for a cup of tea”.

So how was supporting Peace on the road?

Dom: Excellent. They’re all great guys.

Ryan: Doug’s my favourite.

Dom: No, yeah, no, yeah! I like Harry as well as Doug.

You also supported Fun. How was that?

Emily: Fun.

Dom: It was a strange one.

Emily: It was my 21st!

You also played Latitude, how was your summer of festivals on the whole?

Dom: Yeah Latitude was the best, out of the festivals that we played.

Ryan: Wilderness was good as well.

Emily: In The Woods!

Dom: For our actual show, Latitude was the best! In The Woods was really cool because it was 1500 people.

Ryan: In Wilderness there were stalls where you could whittle a wand!

Emily: It looked just like a Harry Potter wand.

You’ve got quite a long tour coming up.

Dom: I think we’re underestimating it! I’m thinking it’s only gonna be a few gigs for a few weeks, but I think by the end the tour we’re just gonna be like “don’t talk to me Ryan, don’t look at me! Stop making me nervous!”. It’s gonna be fun.

Emily: I think we will have aged ten years.

You’re at Lennons on 5th October.

Ryan: I love Lennons! Are you from Southampton? Craig David is from Southampton!

Dom: We last supported Splassh, Lennons is quite special for us. I think it’s cos it’s called Lennons, everyone wants to play there!

You’ve been recording and switched some of your tour dates. Have you been busy in the studio?

Dom: Yeah. It’s either finish it now or go on tour and try and finish it in between days, and not get it done. So we thought we’d change the first few ones to the last ones.

Ryan: I’m so glad we did it, cos the EP is finished now.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Have you ever played at an urban festival like Southsea?

Emily: We played The Great Escape as well.

Dom: It’s just milking the festival vibes – if you haven’t got a big field, just do it in the city. It’s great! They need to have more festivals in swimming pools and water parks. Water park festivals!

Why does that not exist? I think in a European country they have a festival down a river where you sit in boats! You’ve got some ideas for cool festivals, have you got any dream bands you’d like to tour with? You’ve already toured with some pretty cool ones!

Dom: Robbie Williams or Tenacious D.

Emily: Spice Girls!

Ryan: Arctic Monkeys.

Dom: Peace.

You’ve already lived your dream. What would be a cool piece of merch you’d want to sell at gigs?

Dom: A bubble pipe. Orange bubble pipes with Superfood etched into them. And two tubes of bubble solution. Tenner each!

Thanks to Superfood! Their next Southampton date is 5th October at Lennons Nightclub.


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