Introducing: Sam & the Stone Circle


This funky collection of percussion-playing, kazoo-loving musical artists are one of the most exciting bands to see live on the South Coast. As a group (that ranges from 7 members to sometimes just 3), Introducing local artist bannertheir musical journey begun only a year ago, however they perform as if they are members of the same family. Frontman Sam Smith describes their sound as ‘DIY’, a strangely accurate observation. Their music manages marry every instrument under the sun from keyboard, to heavy bass, to tin cans or a dried out banana that somehow makes a fantastic shaker noise, into blissful harmony. They embody similar vibes to Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, however their experimentation is successfully taken so much further that they remain unforgettably distinct.

Their latest show with a full line up, at The Talking Heads, saw the one hundred plus audience bopping and shaking along to their upbeat merry making. At one point, an array of undercover saxophone players emerged from the crowd and brought the entire room to musical ecstasy. This is not that unusual for Sam & The Stone Circle. The band often participate in unique and surprising on-stage rituals that create for an entertaining live show. After leaving a performance, you can’t help but feel like you’ve had an extra boost of serotonin.

If you ever get a chance, catching a live show is an absolute must. They create a spectacularly unique experience and are definitely one to watch over the next year. Check out their music here.


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