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Every summer has a sound – sometimes, it’s that chart hit the radio wouldn’t stop playing; others, it’s that new release you stumbled across and that wouldn’t stop being perfect for days spent basking in the heat or evenings with a barbecue and a fleece because, come on, it’s not that warm. Maybe, however, it’s just that timeless classic that won’t stop screaming ‘Summer!’, no matter when or the weather when you give it a listen.

Here at The Edge, we’ve helped you find your sound this summer by putting together a mixtape of our favourite summer tracks; be they old favourites or new finds. Read about our picks below and listen to the playlist on Spotify here; we hope your summer this year sounds extra sweet!

‘Summertime’ – DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

“…Drums please!” Frankly, the title says it all. This peppy nineties’ anthem by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (otherwise known as Will Smith) is the ultimate summer track. Nostalgic, catchy and effortlessly cool despite it’s years, ‘Summertime’ is the perfect song to cruise along to as you drive in the sunshine or to casually bop along to as you’re heading up the grill at the family barbecue. Through its mellow lyrics and tuneful rhythms, the song just utterly evokes that classic summer feeling. And I mean c’mon… it’s Will Smith – we all know his songs are as ageless as his flawless physical features….

Words by Anneka Honeyball

687474703a2f2f696d61676573362e66616e706f702e636f6d2f696d6167652f61727469636c65732f3234303030302f7461796c6f722d73776966745f3234303831365f746f702e706e673f63616368653d31343134343237373730‘How You Get the Girl’ – Taylor Swift

She may have been breaking YouTube and Billboard records with her latest chart-topping-topping singles ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Bad Blood’, but it’s actually another tune from Taylor Swift’s latest platinum selling album that has the most summery vibe of all. 1989’s tenth and arguably most joyous track ‘How You Get The Girl’ not only features quite possibly the most infectiously catchy chorus of the past year, but also stands as one of the happiest pop songs in recent memory. A perfect companion to the fun spirit of the summer months.

Words by Ben Robins

‘Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix)’ – Cornershop

Whether you need a bosom for a pillow or not, there is something about the combination of bouncing beat, oscillating synth and the occasional racket of drums that makes you feel ready to soak up the sun. Energetic and forever reminding of of 90s school holidays where your summer was well and truly hard earned, this song remains one of the greatest remixes of all time while still being eternal, acoustic sunshine and all together perfect for summer.

Words by Camilla Cassidy

‘Vitamin C’ – Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid’s debut track ‘Vitamin C’ is jaunty and infectious. The four-piece’s track bounces into life with a jaunty rhythmic guitar, bringing with it crystal clear vocals that carry its great lyrics. The lead male’s vocals are beautifully complimented by softer, almost angelic vocals from the band’s female member. ‘Vitamin C’ flows through punchier elements and its more laidback side, as the band sings, “I’m gonna be your vitamin C”. The lyrics are the best part of ‘Vitamin C’- they’re simple, and quite lovely. It’s the perfect summer morning song; drink your orange juice with it for best results.

Words by Amy Wootten

‘Summer House’ – Gold Motel

A musical project featuring the lead singer of band The Hush Sound, every song on Gold Motel’s debut EP sounds like it should be played while you shop Hollister. None is quite so summery, however, as the title track. ‘Summer House’ drips with sweet string sounds, giving off a ‘playing guitar on the shore’ vibe effortlessly, while the lyrics draw enough parallels to hot weather and late-night beach campfires that you feel you need to move to the shade and cool off. Happy, pop-driven and full of heat, this is one tune that’ll always transport me to summer climes or summer love. “At the summer house, I’m curving like an ocean towards you…”

Words by Camilla Cassidy

‘Into The Great Wide Open’ – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

tompettyNo summer mixtape is complete without Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. The season doesn’t begin until that descending acoustic guitar fills the air. There’s something magical about songs that focus around the Californian state that evoke that summer feeling, and this song is no different. Especially when it’s main focus is about a guy who moves to Los Angeles to become a rock star. It’s a song that never fails to suddenly transport you to a deserted Californian road destined for the City of Angels, exploring and taking in the great wide open.

Words by Sophie McEvoy

‘Baby Love’ – Petite Meller

Petite Meller, a new French artist, arrives onto the pop scene in the form of ‘Baby Love’, an infectiously delicious Summer tune. Beginning with a simple piano tune, ‘Baby Love’ transforms into an absorbing, epic track. Layered with Meller’s fabricated luscious vocals that tingle the edge of the track whilst being complimented by the huge sound of the saxophone, ‘Baby Love’ is beautifully arranged. The track coincides with a vibrant, pastel video along with the artist behind it being aesthetically intriguingly ambiguous, perfect for a Summer track that evokes the most colourful of memories. The song is one of this Summer’s best, where it draws from past pop influences as well as offering a glimpse into the sound of future bubblegum pop.

Words by Lewis Taplin

‘Club Tropicana’ – Wham!

wham-through-the-years-6-1340204113-view-0“Club Tropicana, drinks are freeeeee – fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone. All that’s missing is the sea…. but don’t worry, YOU CAN SUN TAN.” For the lyrics alone, this track by Wham! is just brilliant. If you ask me, the eighties is the decade that most exemplifies Summer. Back in those days, everything was big, bright and colourful – and the video for ‘Club Tropicana’ is no exception. Filmed in Ibiza, the visual sees George Michael lounging happily on a lilo in a pair of very tight budgie smugglers, surrounded (ironically) by several bikini-clad girls. Yes, it’s exuberant and a little over the top, but you can’t deny it’s a damned catchy tune – and Summer is all about having fun after all!

Words by Anneka Honeyball

‘Mysterious Girl’ – Peter Andre

Does ‘Mysterious Girl’ require explanation? Can any words truly lay bare or analyse it, in any way that we can fathom? Featuring the sounds of steel drums, waterfalls and waves crashing on a beach, and with interlude from Carribean rapper Bubbler Ranx, Peter Andre’s pop-reggae creation remains the man’s most commercially successful track to date and is a must for any collection of summer hits. It just feels tropical. The music video, too, was a thing of beauty. Andre and Bubbler shirtless, in lightwash denim jeans, standing in a crystal blue lagoon while a woman acts out a Herbal Essences advert in a waterfall nearby. It’s all I want from my Summer!

Words by Camilla Cassidy


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