It can be quite difficult to find all of the different documents and groups that make The Edge work, so here is a handy list directing you to everything you could possibly need.

  • Article requests: This is the document you can request articles which you want to write. Always check this document and write your request before writing the article, to ensure that someone else isn’t already planning on writing the same thing.
  • Style guide: This document tells you exactly how articles for each section should be written, and also explicitly explains how things should look.
  • Website guide: This will explain the whole process of writing for the website, from how to log in, to adding images, and everything in between.
  • FAQ: Anything else you might want to know will hopefully be explained in the FAQ.
  • The Edge Writers group 2013/14: This group is where all writers can discuss ideas and anything The Edge related. Feel free to ask any questions in this group.
  • The Edge News Writers group 2013/14: Join this group if you might ever want to write a news article. Writers will post about articles they are writing, or need to be written.
  • The Edge Records Team group 2013/14: Opportunities to get press copies and streams of albums will be available here, and discussion about reviews is also strongly encouraged.
  • Tickets/Interviews group: This is where opportunities for interviews and press tickets will be posted, and can be requested.