This Month in Local Live Acts: December


Another month, another set of gigs to spend your money on. A bit of a quiet month, which is understandable but don’t worry, there are some amazing bands coming up. All local, all fantastic, definitely worth checking out before you go home for Christmas!

Who? Dr Feelgood
The 1865
When? 02/12/16
Why? Dr Feelgood are literally responsible for the rise of punk. Formed in the 1970s, they changed the face of rock and are still one of the best acts to see live. Their album Stupidity went straight to number one in the UK charts, and are one of those bands who you’ve definitely heard even if you don’t recognise the name. Check out ‘Roxette’ and ‘She Does it Right’ before getting some tickets here.

Who? The Fratellis
O2 Academy, Bournemouth
They’re playing their entire Costello Music album in full, for the first time, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. What more of a reason could anyone possibly need? Limited tickets still available here.

Who? Beans on Toast
Portsmouth Wedgwood Rooms
When? 7/12/16
Why? Often drunk, usually barefoot, always folk – Beans on Toast is back as he is every year with another album for his ‘A Spanner In The Works’ tour. And the spanner? He’s had to do things a little differently on this album, using some electronic and sample-based sounds… and that’s all I’ll let on! He’s sung about everything, from riots to the royal family to fracking – this self-deprecating, controversial storyteller is definitely one to see if you can. Possibly the coolest guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing, and he’ll probably be having a pint in the nearest pub to the venue so you might bump into him if you’re lucky. Tickets are available here.

Who? Dreadzone
Where? Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
When? 10/12/16
Twenty years after forming and they’re still one of the most fantastic dub and reggae acts. Greg Dread, Leo Williams, Earl 16, Bazil, Chris Compton and MC Spee make up the current line up, and seem to be in a constant cycle of recording and touring around the world. After some remixes of themselves throughout the 1990s, they firmly placed themselve in dub/reggae club nights around the millennium. Fresh, exciting, get tickets while you still can!

Who? David Brent and Foregone Conclusion
Where? Bournemouth International Centre
When? 11/12/16
Why? Yes, this is a band that are meant to be terrible from a Ricky Gervais film and no, I haven’t gone mad. I still can’t tell if Foregone Conclusion are a real band or made up for ‘The Office’ and ‘Life On The Road’, but the idea of dated frontman Gervais/Brent making us squirm with his terrible, terrible character is an experience to say the least. If  the lyrics from the song below “Dwarves aren’t babies you can’t just pick ’em up, they’ve got rights, and don’t just assume you could, they’re not light” don’t make you want to witness this live, I don’t know what will. Tickets here!

Who? Primal Scream
Portsmouth Pyramids Centre
When? 13/12/16
Why? 1980s rock band Primal Scream were a huge part of the indie pop scene, before moving on to more psychedelic and garage rock sounds. In the 1990s they hit the mainstream with Screamadelica and are still making albums now, with Chaosmosis out in March 2016. They were into raves and the acid house in the late 1980s, with one of their tracks, ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’ remixed by DJ Andrew Weatherall to become ‘Loaded’ and their first big hit. Very cool and definitely worth going to see – tickets here.



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