Queepy Eye: Our Go-To Music Themed Halloween Costumes


Spending so many hours walking around the fancy dress shop in The Marlands that you think you’re stuck in some sort of Time Warp? Sick to death of grabbing your bed sheet and hoping that people will believe that a ghost smells just like smelly feet? Take a load off and choose one of these absolute classics to see you through this Halloween. You’re welcome.

Michael Jackson

Albeit it might feel that I’m only here to point out the very obvious choice, but if you feel like you want to become one of the most prominent figures in the history of music performance this Halloween, then Michael Jackson is, well, exactly that. Not only the architect of his own music, but of every aspect of his performance including dance style and costumes, Michael Jackson’s outfits survive among the most iconic, and trust me, there’s not one Michael Jackson too many at any given Halloween party.

Sparkling, sleek, and in perfect harmony with his music and dance moves, the King of Pop’s costume is guaranteed to make you feel completely ready to take over the dance floor even if you’re not the most gifted moonwalker around (who could moonwalk on the floor in Jesters anyway?) Whether you go for a more badass vibe with the ‘Beat It’ jacket or the classic ‘Billie Jean’ black sequin affair, one article is enough to make you shine for the night. Now the costume’s sorted, on to the dancing!

Thea Hartman

Marilyn Manson

Bit of a funny choice this one because I don’t actually listen to his music (although I respect the hell out of him), but Marilyn Manson (aka Brian Hugh Warner) served as the inspiration for my costume a few years ago. The reason behind his onstage look is the idea of fear being used as a social control, which he subverts because he says and does what he wants QED performing rock music. Of course that leads to persecution and ridicule from people who blame him for things when they should stop placing blame and start acting. His make-up is actually scary too, which is a plus at Halloween.

His unique look manages to tick all those cobwebbed boxes: It’s fun to do, even if you are terrible at make-up because you can afford to be a bit messy; there’s room to be creative because there’s plenty of looks to choose from; and it’s not too expensive – you can basically use any black clothing you have unless you’re doing a specific look as all you need is some basic make-up (e.g. black and white face paint) and a black wig or hairspray.

Tash Williamson


Halloween is a night to let your alter ego break free and have your Stars in Their Eyes “tonight Jeremy…” moment. Personally, the musical icon that makes me most enthusiastic is ABBA! If I could, I would represent the whole group and everyone in the Mamma Mia movie but since I am merely one person, I settle for becoming the fifth member of ABBA. I used to settle for sequinned flares and a mesh crop top as a balance between still being fashionable but still mimicking ABBA’s signature look. But, since the release of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, I have been reminded just how much satisfaction I get seeing people rock the full catsuit and Go-go boots. Thus, this year the internet has been scoured and a flared catsuit in a beautiful shade of metallic silver has been purchased which should complement my white Go-go boots perfectly. Some may say that this is too extra, however, I am bold enough to say that when ‘Waterloo’ or ‘Dancing Queen’ comes on I will forget all my worries and enjoy the ecstasy of fulfilling my ABBA fantasy to the max – so who wants to be my backing dancers?

Kate Briggs-Price


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