Best Live Show To See With Your Significant Other


A common misconception when going to a concert with a significant other is that it has to be a performer who sings about love and who you would probably want to have sing at your wedding. With many couples going to see Adele or Sam Smith (not that there is anything wrong with seeing them live) in hopes of having a “that’s totally our song” moment. However, I’d beg to differ… the best concert to see with a significant other isn’t the sort where you’d cry and do way too much PDA, but instead one in which you mosh out and go wild. Now, this may sound like it’s better for friends, but let me explain why a concert such as Don Broco or Paramore are the perfect live performers to see with that special someone.

A concert in general is a place to let go and have a few hours of being free from all the stresses of the real world, going to see a band live with someone is almost a bonding experience and makes you see a different side to them, the side that only live music can bring out. Bands like Don Broco are the perfect artist to go see with a significant other, not only have they performed amazing sets across the UK including Community Festival 2019, but they allow you to fully immerse yourself in that concert feeling. I saw them with that special someone and it was a moment I could never forget. Imagine the music blazing, you are jumping around going wild, smashing your bodies into strangers as that’s just what you do, while in the mist of the mosh pit, you look over at that person and see them the happiest you’ll ever seen them, it was as if they were free from all their own troubles. Seeing that and experiencing that same exact feeling with them will make you feel more connected on a spiritual level. Those moments feel like they last forever at an alternative rock / pop-punk concert and are memories you will keep for a lifetime. You may not be kissing and cuddling throughout, but the minute you step out of that crowd and reality hits, you almost feel as if you had been on a spiritual journey – together. This can be said after Don Broco their last song of the set ‘T-Shirt Song’, not only is this song amazing, but everyone starts to wave their T-Shirts in the air and theres that moment towards the end as the music begins to fade and the band leave the stage where you look at that person and you are like “wow I love you man” and everything starts to fall into place.

Concerts with a significant other isn’t about kissing and crying together it should be about experiencing a moment of pure bliss and freedom from reality. The best genre of music to gain this experience can be found within rock.


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