Venue in Focus: The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth


As the pandemic continues, live venues feel like a distant memory. That is why we must continue supporting these venues, whether it be through GoFundMe pages or promoting their upcoming or previous events.

This week, I wish to focus on Bournemouth’s The Old Fire Station. It’s one of a few independent venues around the area, but stands out to be one of the best because of its impeccable sound quality, intimate stage area, and friendly staff.

It is versatile in its nature, being both a club and live music venue. The Old Fire Station has seen artists such as Boston Manor, Amber Run, Deaf Havana, and The Smyths, just in the past academic year. It is such an imporant venue to have in Bournemouth, allowing smaller, up-and-coming artists to visit and play.

Alongside these bands, the venue has hosted some incredible club nights over the years. They frequently host Thnks fr th Mmrs, labelled as “Bournemouth’s Emo, Alt & Pop Punk Party!”, and (before lockdown) hosted a range of university events throughout the academic year.

The events and guests that they host have the opportunity to put on a perfect show, too, with the lay-out to the venue allowing for every audience member to have a great view. There’s even some seats at the side, making the venue more accessible for everybody.

The intimate nature of the venue is not claustrophobic, either. There is sufficient space around, and even on sold-out events, it’s unlikely you’ll be stuck anywhere. You’re never too far from the exit, so if the crowd gets too much it is easy to get out.

Perhaps the one flaw to The Old Fire Station is the toilets… but, let’s be honest, are venue toilets ever decent?

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