This Week in Live-Streams (13/07/20)


As another week comes around, there are more and more livestreams picking up. Here at The Edge, we believe it is definitely an interesting bunch this week so without further ado, this is the pick of the week ahead!

Who? Mike Shinoda
Where? Twitch
When? Monday 13th, 6pm (BST)
Why? For fans of Linkin Park, this is the one for you. Although Chester Bennington is no longer with us, Shinoda is keeping the band going whilst maintaining his own successful solo career too. In what will be an intimate stream, there will no doubt be emotion oozing through your screens as he performs hits such as ‘Fine’ and ‘Promises I Can’t Keep’.

Who? Serpentwithfeet
Where? YouTube
When? Wednesday 15th, 11pm (BST)
Why? His debut solo album soil was released in 2018 and has been critically successful. Although not well known in the UK, Serpentwithfeet is definitely an amazing artist. He is unafraid to experiment with his music; blending baroque with pop, soul and electronic. If you like a bit of Frank Ocean, you will not be disappointed with this man’s performance. Not only is he vocally invested, he will go all out with what he is wearing as his form of expression and I am living for it! I highly recommend checking out his Spotify or YouTube in prep for this livestream.

Who? Dave Matthews Band
Where? YouTube
When? Thursday 16th, 1am (BST)
Why? The band are holding their livestream every Thursday in aid of different organisations and this week, it is the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are re-streaming their 2004 sets to help raise money as part of their Drive In Concert Series so why not enjoy the 90s/early 2000s nostalgia and give to a worthy cause? Their biggest hit is ‘Crash Into Me’ which was a staple on early 2000 shows and really just makes you want this type of music to come back in style. It is very easy-listening and soothing after a hectic week and will transport you to your happy place.

Who? Fold Medicine Festival
Where? Facebook
When? Friday 17th, 1am (BST)
Why? With the likes of Bill Callahan, Sharon Van Etten, Johanna Warren and many more coming together to livestream some of their hits, they are raising money for the people of the Amazon. Like Dave Matthews Band, access is free but highly encouraged to give donations to help others in particular need. These folk royalty are going to bring in big crowds and will be a nice way to relax if you can’t sleep at 1am.

Who? Deaf Havana
Where? You can purchase your ticket here
When? Sunday 19th, 8pm (BST)
Why? British rock band Deaf Havana are incredible live! Although tickets start at £10 and go up to just under £30, this will be the cheapest you will get to see this band. They have been around since 2005 and giving the rock scene hits such as ‘Sinner’, ‘Holy’ and Worship’, this is a bargain to see these great performers whilst still in lockdown. Likewise, for those of you who are fans of up-and-coming band Dali, Deaf Havana is your cup of tea.


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