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As we kick off August, this week is definitely a big one for female artists! Summer has definitely begun as this week is lined up with those summery tunes. Despite COVID-19 being with us, the artists will be helping us all make the most of the summer with their epic live from home performances.

Who? Eliza
When? Monday 3rd 7pm (BST)
Where? Facebook
Why? Although she now just goes by Eliza, Eliza Doolittle brought so many tunes out that are just a constant mood for the sunny weather we are experiencing. Since her big hit ‘Pack Up’, she has released so many songs since and even if you have never heard them, they are such a treat! Tune in on Monday as you wind down in the evening with her. It is free and who needs an excuse to dance around the house to happy music?

Who? Phoebe Bridgers
When? Tuesday 4th 11pm (BST)
Where? Youtube
Why? For fans of indie pop, Pale Waves, Billie Eilish, HAIM, Alanis Morissette and female singer-songwriters, Phoebe Bridgers is right up your street. ‘Kyoto’ is off her most recent album and has blown up on Youtube and Spotify. Her songs are less about bitter break-ups and more about internal feelings and dealing with them. Of course, there are a few love songs in the mix, so you will be covered!

Who? Nicole Atkins
When? Wednesday 5th 11.59pm (BST)
Where? Twitch
Why? For fans on Roy Orbison and singers from the Brill Building era, Nicole Atkins will satisfy your music appetite. Her influences include 1950s crooner music, 1960s psychedelia, soul music, and the Brill Building style of writing. For those who may be sceptical since the music she produces may not seem your cup of tea, her blend of modern music and techniques with the 1950s sound is incredible. Her vocals are so clean, and she is very impressive when you hear her perform.

Who? R.E.M
When? Thursday 6th 8pm (BST)
Where? Youtube
Why? R.E.M are so 90s, of course we had to throw them in this week’s mix. R.E.M do have some sad songs which go against the summer vibe but com’on, they are a BIG name and to see them perform in the comfort of your own home will never happen again. This is a great opportunity for you to see them as you relive the nostalgia of their hits, but also a band to watch together with your family. However, if your parents rock out in the living room to them – we cannot accept any liability there!


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