Leaves In Motion: An Artist You Must Listen To


Leaves In Motion, an act due to perform at this year’s The Edgetival, is the project of singer-songwriter A.M. Davis. The project was originally created as a response to sleeplessness and the music was produced to be used alongside calming activities, like meditation.

The debut album In Sleep, We Wake, released earlier this year, perfectly embodies Davis’ aims. As it opens with ‘Exit Dream’, the calming impacts of its timbres become immediately evident. As a listener, it’s easy to become hypnotised by it, and before you know it you’re on the final track of the album already.

‘Blossoms Fall on an Eastern Wind’ is one of the most memorable from the album. Suiting its name perfectly, the timbres effectively swim from ear to ear when listening, mimicking a wind-like movement. It’s difficult to pin-point exactly what instrument is used throughout, however it has string-like qualities which reverberate and thus create the most relaxing aura.

The album closes with ‘Morning After the Night Before’, which is the most gorgeous ending. As the short, melodic tunes repeat and unwind, you are left feeling entirely at peace.

Leaves in Motion is a project which everybody should know about. Whether it be to help you sleep, calm your anxieties, or provide you with some background noise whilst you work, In Sleep, We Wake is the ideal album to listen to.

Listen to ‘Long Goodbyes (Happen So Fast)’ below, and be sure to check out Leaves In Motion at The Edgetival!


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