This Week in Live-Streams (10/08/20)


Who? Homecoming: At Home With Neck Deep
Where? Ticketmaster UK on Facebook
When? Monday 10th, 6pm (BST)
Why? British band Neck Deep have showing the world that it is not only America that can produce lovable pop-punk music. If you miss the good old days where Blink-182New Found GloryThe Wonder YearsGreen Day, and the Descendants reigned supreme in the Hot 100 or had mass radio play, you are in for a treat. Oh, and it is free!

Who? Bully
Where? YouTube
When? Tuesday, 11th 11pm (BST)
Why? Fronted by Alicia Bognanno, Bully is revamping grunge for modern listeners and showing that women can also hold their own in alt-rock too. Bognanno channels Courtney Love with her vocal style as she sings tunes such as ‘Turn to Hate’ and ‘Hours and Hours’. This is one to watch if you feel like you were born in the wrong decade and wish that you lived through the 90s grunge scene.

Who? Lucinda Williams
Where? YouTube
When? Thursday, 13th 11pm (BST)
Why? Lucinda Williams has been contributing to the folk rock scene since 1978! For a career that spans 4 decades, there is so much to unpack musically. Her music channels that of Elvis Costello. If you have been watching the Tiny Deck series on YouTube, you may recognise Williams, she was recently featured on it. On the surface, this may not seem like your cup of tea, but she can definitely put on a show from the comfort of her own house, and that alone is worth watching.

Who? Biffy Clyro
Where? You will need to purchase a ticket here.
When? Saturday 15th, 8pm (BST)
Why? See these rockers in a unique one-off performance of “A Celebration of Endings” from an iconic Glasgow venue. To see them for an 1.5 hours of an intimate gig, £16 is definitely not bad at all when considering it is often £50 or more to see them in concert. Not only that, if your family or housemates are also fans of the band, this is an incredibly cheap deal to see one of the hottest rock bands around. So put on your Clyro band tops, crack a cold one and sing and dance to your heart’s content to ‘Mountains’, ‘Bubbles’ or newer songs such as ‘Tiny Indoor Fireworks’.


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