In Criticism Of Lip-Syncing


Performance is one of the most respectable forms of art, from live gigs to drag shows. Although RuPaul’s Drag Race made lip-syncing a popular form of performance, it has been around since the days of Top of the Pops.

The purpose of lip-syncing in this setting is to provide a flawless performance. But isn’t that the beauty of live shows? Getting to hear a band live for the first time, after listening to their records for years, is one of the greatest things to experience. All the best artists sound better live than on their records, but Top of the Pops took away this opportunity in the name of showbiz.

Lip-syncing is completely unnecessary. It is my belief that you should not be in the music business if you rely on miming at performances, because what’s the point in releasing records if it’s not actually your authentic voice or instruments on the tracks?

It is odd how popular lip-syncing still is. Big artists like Beyoncé and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers have previously “performed” using a backing track and lip-syncing, despite both artists having the talent to perform fine live.

Perhaps this is a pointless argument coming from someone who has never performed to a considerable crowd without rehearsing. However, I do believe that a singer should always use their own voice rather than miming to a backing track, as lip-syncing completely undermines their job. Imagine paying £100+ a ticket to see your favourite singer live, only to watch them dance around the stage whilst they aimlessly open and close their mouth.

The Lip Sync Battle, on Paramount Network, and RuPaul’s Lip Sync sections are of course not included in this judgement. These are forms of entertainment which are incredibly enticing to watch, as it is not their job to sing or play authentically.


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