The Obsession with Boybands


In memory of all the fallen boybands, I think it’s time to discuss the obsession I and many others have with boybands. Before delving into my unhealthy obsession that really was “never a phase”, I want everyone to know, I never had friends at school.

To kick the party off, I will discuss One Direction. As a true Directioner who had a fan account with over 5000 followers on Instagram, I declare myself a true “stan” going as far as to travel all the way to Manchester from London just to see my favourite band live on their Take Me Home Tour. It was the greatest experience, Zayn Malik (my favourite) winked at me from 4000 feet away whilst they were singing ‘Summer Love’ a truly heart-breaking classic that had all the tweens (including 13 years old me) crying over the love I never had. Not to forget I brought a book to this concert, so One Direction knew I was different, sadly they never invited me backstage and I am now a 20-year-old university student who is not married to One Direction. I sadly unlike the true #Stans out there have only seen One Direction two times, the second time at Wembley Stadium. The famous show where Liam Payne said “fuck” instead of “Rock Me” in their song “Rock Me” which again, had all the tweens (now 14-year-old me) crying and partying.

My true obsession with boybands comes from my love of 5 Seconds of Summer or as fans call them 5SOS. In a space of a year I had seen them a solid 4 or 6 times, I am still unsure how I did this, but I did. For most fans, 5SOS was the alternative kind of boyband. For one they played their own instruments and two they loved Green Day and would cover ‘American Idiot’ on tour. Though 14-year-old me is raging that I dare declare 5SOS a boyband, the truth is, they are a boyband all in thanks to us fans. The title ‘boyband’ is truly only given to bands who are powerful enough to make teens and young adults sell their souls just so they can attend their concerts.

But what is it about boybands that make it so easy to obsess over? Is it the lack of friends many of us have in our lives? Or the simple fact that Wattpad has made us believe a guy in a boyband is the modern-day version of Prince Charming? I am here to declare that the reason boybands are so infectious is down to the simple fact they are created to make sure that every single section of society is covered. You have the sweet, sensitive blonde one, the dark-haired rock one, the one who is always topless, the one with good hair and finally the parental figure of the group. No matter your type, there is a least one member you can relate to. This theory is relevant to every single boyband: Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, One Direction for example.

Sadly, boybands as powerful as Backstreet Boys, *NYSNC and One Direction are not currently reigning supreme over the music world, but don’t worry fellow stans save up your cash because the next big boyband will destroy your credit score soon.


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